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About Absolute Vapor

Absolute Vapor was established in 2007 by Joshua and Rachael as an alternative to smoking. At its conception, Absolute Vapor has always been about redefining premium - now our mission statement. Every product that we put across our counter has been made by hand to exacting standards to ensure quality beginning to end.


We stand strongly in the mindset that if we would not put a product in our own pockets, why would we put them in yours?

The Absolute Difference

In order to Redefine Premium, we started with our manufacturing process. At its base, all e-Liquids are comprised of only a few elements. Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin. We took the time to research and ensure that our customers were as safe as possible with the consumption of our products. Our Vegetable Glycerin is actually derived from a palm base. Research has shown that products created with a soy base (the industry standard) can potentially cause hormonal imbalances in its consumers. (Link)

We continually ensure that our raw ingredient suppliers as well as ourselves are maintaining the industry standard cleanliness certifications to keep our customers safe. 

In the News:

Recently on KOAA, our owner Joshua Sprague spoke on the recent shipping bans for all nicotine products through "Common Carriers" such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and Others. Read the article!


Store Highlight - Fort Collins

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