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  • How should I dispose of Vape Products/Old Batteries?
    Vape products can be dangerous if not performing properly. It is always recommended to follow proper disposal guidelines when discarding aged products. All devices that contain internal batteries/external batteries should be disposed of in hazardous waste. Absolute Vapor does take 18650 batteries if needed for proper disposal. Any juice containing nicotine should also be handled like a hazardous waste product. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are not accepting juice disposal in stores.
  • Is Vaping Safe?
    Vaping/vape products from a reputable source is 100% safe. While there have been news stories surrounding vaping being dangerous to the health of the user, it was found through further investigation that the products were "Black Market" or not from a reputable source.
  • What is Absolute Vapor's response to COVID-19?
    In all of Absolute Vapor's locations, masks are required for all parties while customers are in our locations. We do follow all CDC guidelines concerning cleaning and Social Distancing, up to and including enforcing a maximum headcount in our stores when deemed necessary by the local health professionals.
  • What does being a Registered Manufacturer mean?
    What this means: Absolute Vapor manufactuers all of our own liquids/E-Juices. This includes mixing all flavors in-house and the addition of the Nicotine content. All manufacture of products/liquids takes place in an ISO-7 clean room dedicated to the serility and quatliy of our products. We manufacture products for other companies that trust our product to meet or exceed the industry standards.
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